Further protection for Havelock Rec

Michael Rutherford, Will Harmer and Nicky Dykes, Conservative councillors for Bromley Town, have joined with Bob Neill MP and Friends of Havelock Rec to submit an application for a Deed of Dedication to protect Havelock Recreation Ground. The team successfully protected Havelock Rec from being developed in 2015 and have been seeking extra protections since.… Read More »

Stopping inappropriate developments in Bromley

Bromley needs good quality new homes, but also needs to be protected from inappropriate high rise developments that fundamentally change the nature of Bromley Town. This is why Will, Nicky and Michael have successfully campaigned against excessively dense developments, such as those proposed on Elmfield Road and Westmoreland Road. Will Harmer said: “The Labour Mayor… Read More »

More school and health services for Bromley

In 2014, Will Harmer, Nicky Dykes and Michael Rutherford promised that if elected as local councillors they would bring new local services to Bromley. Over the past four years they have fulfilled their promise by supporting three new primary schools (Langley Park, Harris Shortlands and La Fontaine) and three secondary schools (Bromley Beacon, Bullers Wood… Read More »

Update on Library Gardens

As you may be aware, the developer Countryside recently ran a consultation exercise in the town centre regarding the future Churchill Gardens. At a similar time the Council proposed the disposal of part of Library Gardens (which was advertised in the News Shopper) and an exchange with other land currently not part of the park.… Read More »

Making roads safer

We are campaigning within the council for measures to reduce speeding in Bromley Town. As a result, speed deterring posters will shortly be put up in streets such as Farnaby Road, Warren Avenue, Ravensbourne Avenue and Westmoreland Road. We are lobbying for a lit-up Vehicle Activated Sign and pedestrian-friendly junction changes for Hayes Road –… Read More »

Bromley Civic Centre redevelopment

Would you prefer houses and a park; or high density blocks of flats? As a result of efficiency drives, the council is no longer using all of Bromley Civic Centre. Half the site is now surplus to requirements and will now be redeveloped. Over the past year, Cllr. Dykes, Cllr. Harmer and Cllr. Rutherford have… Read More »

A new park for Bromley

We are delighted to have received Council support to upgrade the Palace gardens into a park. Councillor Nicky Dykes said: “the upgraded status will guarantee the lake and gardens can be enjoyed by Bromley residents forever. With improved access, we expect more people will visit and enjoy this tranquil park.

New schools for Bromley Town

One of the biggest issues facing the town is the shortage of school places, especially given the number of new homes being built. We have spoken to many parents who are concerned about the difficulty getting places at popular schools such as Valley and Bickley Primary Schools. As your local councillors, we have been putting… Read More »

Fix My Street!

Neighbours are reminded to use the website and app “Fix My Street” whenever they see litter, graffiti or general mess. Reports about litter in the alleyway from Kentish Way to Harwood Avenue led to the path being cleared on a more regular basis. We find that mess gets cleared quickly when using this service, so… Read More »