Bromley Civic Centre redevelopment

By | April 17, 2017

Would you prefer houses and a park; or high density blocks of flats?

As a result of efficiency drives, the council is no longer using all of Bromley Civic Centre. Half the site is now surplus to requirements and will now be redeveloped.

Over the past year, Cllr. Dykes, Cllr. Harmer and Cllr. Rutherford have been lobbying fellow councillors to promote our vision for the site:

  • Low density housing, providing family homes in-keeping with the Palace Estate that surrounds it
  • Upgrade of the Palace gardens into a park with better access
  • Avoid excess traffic using the entrance on Rafford Way

We have won the support of Conservative colleagues, who backed proposals for a park and 60-70 homes. However, we are faced with Labour opposition, who want to build hundreds of flats instead.

As such, we want to know whether you share our vision of a spacious and green development, or Labour’s vision of high-density blocks of flats.

Please fill in our survey to let us know your views.