Stopping inappropriate developments in Bromley

By | April 1, 2018

Nicky, Will and Michael on Sherman Road

Bromley needs good quality new homes, but also needs to be protected from inappropriate high rise developments that fundamentally change the nature of Bromley Town. This is why Will, Nicky and Michael have successfully campaigned against excessively dense developments, such as those proposed on Elmfield Road and Westmoreland Road.

Will Harmer said: “The Labour Mayor wants to increase Bromley’s annual housing target to over 1400 homes built per year. With 53% of the borough being protected green space there is likely to be pressure to increase the density of housing in the town centre. This is something we will continue to fight hard.”

Delivering housing can be done sensitively. Michael, Nicky and Will support applications such as the derelict yard on Tweedy Road being used for low rise and low density (3 stories) housing. However, they are active in opposing over-development such as a developers’ application for a 23-storey housing development by Bromley North station.