Further protection for Havelock Rec

By | April 2, 2018

Will Harmer, Bob Neill MP, Michael Rutherford, Kerry Hood from Friends of Havelock Rec, Nicky Dykes

Michael Rutherford, Will Harmer and Nicky Dykes, Conservative councillors for Bromley Town, have joined with Bob Neill MP and Friends of Havelock Rec to submit an application for a Deed of Dedication to protect Havelock Recreation Ground.

The team successfully protected Havelock Rec from being developed in 2015 and have been seeking extra protections since. Deeds of Dedication are a protection level above its current Metropolitan Open Land status and is a campaign promoted by Fields in Trust.

Cllr Michael Rutherford said: “For many years we have been strong supporters of Havelock Recreations Ground so are delighted to submit this application.”

Bob Neill MP added: “This deed of Dedication will strengthen the legal protections on the recreation ground. With the growing population in this area, a valuable open space like this that people can use will be all the more important.”

The application has now been submitted to London Borough of Bromley council. Michael, Will and Nicky have already started lobbying colleagues to support it.

Further information on the Deed of Dedication can be found at the Friends of Havelock Rec website: Click Here

Please click here for the video of Cllr Michael Rutherford and Bob Neill MP announcing the Deed of Dedication.